Faces of #EduHam

Every few weeks, the producers of Hamilton team up with The Rockefeller Foundation, The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, and the NYC Department of Education to welcome 1,300 NYC public school kids to a matinee performance in what has come to be called #EduHam. The energy on 46th Street is electric as the kids arrive around 9am. Once inside, students from each of the 16 participating schools take the stage to perform songs and poems they've written about American history, the founding fathers, and other themes explored in the show. Hamilton cast members then take the stage for a Q&A.

At 2pm, the lights go down for the matinee...and these kids' lives will never be the same. There are no regular ticket holders in the audience. You might wonder if teenagers have a hard time respectfully being attentive to a show for two and a half hours, but that's easy when the show is as powerful as Hamilton. It is impossible to describe the joy of the collective gasp that happens when more than a thousand kids of color realize that a cast member onstage who looks just like them will be playing George Washington in a multimillion-dollar musical about American history.

#EduHam is an incredibly special experience and a true gift to these kids and our society. Check out some of the faces of people involved in the May 10th, 2017 #EduHam and a video from YesBroadway's coverage from a March #EduHam below.

To learn more about #EduHam, visit the sites for these organizations:

Gilder Lehrman

The Rockefeller Foundation

The NYC Department of Education

and Hamilton on Broadway

Check out this video from the last time YesBroadway went to EduHam in March:

Additional reporting by Annie Schiffmann.