Hamilton Happy Hour: The Room Where It's Happening

Hamilton Happy Hour: The Room Where It's Happening

Hamilton Happy Hour: The Room Where It's Happening

by Brookelynn Mason

Want to win Hamilton tickets while being surrounded by like-minded fans, raise money for Eliza's oooooooorphanage Graham Windham, and maybe (probably) having one too many drinks?

Gillian Pensavalle of The Hamilcast, an American podcast about an American musical about a bastard orphan, is making your dreams come true! She is teaming up with Patrick Hinds (Theatre People Podcast) to deliver delicious cocktails and shots--that you shouldn't throw away!--to loosen you up for an entertaining night at Offside Tavern on Saturday, August 12th.

Drinks, a fundraiser raffle for Hamilton tickets, and all-night listening to the Hamilton cast recording and the Hamilton Mixtape not enough to reel you in? Good news! In addition to the Graham Windham ticket raffle, The Hamilcast is partnering with Freedom Farm Animal Rescue to also raffle signed props straight from the Broadway production itself and a signed playbill. Want a piece of the show (such as "note for your next of kin")? Now's your chance. "Being able to unabashedly sing and dance with fellow Hamilfans is going to be a dream come true," says Hamilcast host Gillian. "And hopefully, it won't be the last time--this might become a pastime!"

The Hamilcast is a fan-run podcast about Hamilton: an American Musical. It is touted as THE Hamilton podcast to listen to by cast members and fans alike, and has listeners in over 100 countries. For more information on Hamilton Happy Hour, click below.

I Have A Crush On Freedom Riders: The Civil Rights Musical

I Have A Crush On Freedom Riders: The Civil Rights Musical

I Have A Crush On Freedom Riders: The Civil Rights Musical

Dear World,

I saw Freedom Riders tonight and I'm in lurve. This docu-musical tackles the subject of the 1961 Freedom Rides, which was a challenge to segregation on public transportation in the South. I feel so lucky to have seen this show, which is a part of the 2017 New York Musical Festival, this early in the game. Every now and again, a show comes along that has the potential to part the skies and let the sunshine come pouring in. Freedom Riders: The Civil Rights Musical is one of them.

Why it's so awesome:

*It's extraordinarily rare that a show's music is this good and this radio ready. I walked out of the theater with the same feeling I had when I saw Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton for the first time: wanting to immediately listen to the cast recording on repeat. This show is what dreams are made of for those of us who have the crazy idea that the music in new musicals should be...good? 

*The cast is full of future megastars. From Anthony Chatmon II's young John Lewis (the Congressman!) to ensemble members like Brandon Michael Nase, there was standout after standout up on that stage singing their hearts out.

Photos: Mia Winston

*The Act One closer will make you want to stand up and get on that bus with those Riders. You head into intermission inspired the way you feel after Dear Evan Hansen's "You Will Be Found". I smell a Tony Awards performance!

*The gospel Act Two opener, is a potential landmark moment in modern musical theater. It reminded me of "Seasons of Love" from Rent, but with even more to unpack.

*Whitney White's energetic direction let the songs, and the stars singing them, shine.

*I saw the show with ~50 NYC high school kids. Nothing is more exciting than watching young people of color discover how cool musical theater can be. This is the kind of important mass appeal that way more musical theater composers need to focus on if they want their musicals to even stand a chance at Hamilton-caliber success.

Freedom Riders is as fresh and as exciting as it gets and I have a full-on crush on it. There was hot lava bubbling up on that stage tonight and when it erupts it into a full-scale volcano, you are going to be so glad it did. I highly recommend that you get on that bus now and become a Freedom Rider!



P/S Here's a video of me checking out a rehearsal last week, which includes some song snippets. My Spidey Sense was already tingling!

36 Questions Starring #Groffsauce is a Podcast Musical!

36 Questions Starring #Groffsauce is a Podcast Musical!

36 Questions Starring #Groffsauce is a Podcast Musical!

Now, THIS is cool.

Composers Ellen Winter and Chris Littler are exploring unchartered territory: musicals that are designed to be listened to as podcasts. Fortunately for us, they have a total triumph on their hands. Their 36 Questions has a contemporary Dear Evan Hansen-like indie rock/pop score and stars the man of all of our dreams: Jonathan Groff (who Lin-Manuel Miranda calls "Groffsauce"). Groff shines along with his co-star, the deliciously voiced Jessie Shelton.

In the musical, a young divorced couple uses a famous psychological questionnaire to try to get to know each other all over again. The score is full of really good radio-ready songs that make you wonder why more contemporary musicals like this aren't on Broadway. The production values are terrific, including really great sound design...which is obviously important for a show you can't watch!

Check out the behind-the-scenes video and listen to the podcast via the button below (or visit the official website here for more ways to listen).

The Wolves Gets New Life Off-Broadway!

The Wolves Gets New Life Off-Broadway!

The Wolves Gets New Life Off-Broadway!

Photos: Daniel J. Vazquez from the 2016 Playwright's Realm production of The Wolves.

A+ playwriting that attracts the attention of the Pulitzer jury? Check.

Incredibly cool semi-immersive direction? Check.

 An insanely talented Obie AND Drama Desk-winning ensemble cast? Yup!

YesBroadway 40 Under 40 playwright Sarah DeLappe's brave The Wolves is a hit and a half! It is no wonder, then, that Lincoln Center Theater has decided to produce it Off-Broadway this fall. The drama that unfolds when a high school girl's soccer team meets on the pitch will leave you breathless in this new play, which was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama...no big deal!

This Lincoln Center Theater production seems like it will be a fairly straightfoward transfer from the one last year at Playwright's Realm, with buzzy director Lila Neugebauer and a majority of the cast all on board. Shows that play at LCT's Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater are often on a solid trajectory towards Broadway, so get your tickets ASAP to say you "saw it when"...at Off-Broadway prices!

Stay tuned to YesBroadway's social media for alerts when tickets go on sale!

Starts November 1.

Check out this video of Sam hanging with The Wolves cast member Tedra Millan for more information about the show (and sneak peeks!):

5 Reasons Why Measure For Measure Was Awesome

5 Reasons Why Measure For Measure Was Awesome

5 Reasons Why Theatre for the New Audience's Measure for Measure Was Awesome

by Joe Lattanzi

Photos: Gerry Goodstein and Henry Grossman

Although it is already closed, here's why it was awesome:

1. You were actually able to understand what was going on, even if you’re unfamiliar with the play (and considering this is one of the least produced of Shakespeare’s works, you probably are unfamiliar with the play). 

2. Jonathan Cake. As Duke Vincentio, Mr. Cake has it all: charm, wit, depth, and the ability to make every audience member feel as though he is having a direct, intimate conversation with each and every one of them. His good looks and British baritone don’t hurt either. Wink

3. There’s a lot of raunchy humor in M4M, and the actor’s playing the various clowns in this production knew how to land every bawdy line with maximum impact. 

4. There was a live band and they were phenomenal. Whether they were on the sidelines, or part of the action on stage, the musical arrangements and band members really gave this show a live-concert feel (the stellar lighting design enhanced the mood further) without taking away from the drama on stage. 

5. You had the option to enter the theater through Mistress Overdone’s brothel: the backstage areas of the theater were transformed with red lighting, a plethora of sex toys, and tableaus of masked and mimed sex acts. And though these affects are fun, if not a little cheesy, the real adventure lied in having a rare glimpse at the meandering underbelly of a theater. 

Check out more awesome shows at Theatre For a New Audience by checking out the link below:

Vogue.com: Tony Nominees' Hilarious Audition Stories

Vogue.com: Tony Nominees' Hilarious Audition Stories

YesBroadway founder and "Curator-in-Chief" Sam Maher recently interviewed Broadway and Hollywood A-Listers about their crazy and hilarious audition stories for a video series by Vogue.com. Funniest person? Kevin Spacey. Kindest? Condola Rashad. Best audition story? Zachary Quinto.

Check out the videos below, one for musical auditions and one for plays.

In honor of the Tonys, we asked some of our favorite Broadway actors to share the story of their most memorable auditions for a musical. Josh Groban recounts being laughed out of the room for his try at Sweeney Todd, Idina Menzel shares the secret of her Wicked outburst, Hamilton's Leslie Odom Jr.

To mark the occasion of the Tonys, we hit up some of our favorite Broadway stars for some of their less distinguished moments: their audition horror stories. James Corden, Kevin Spacey, Hugh Jackman, Tavi Gevinson, Cobie Smulders, Corey Hawkins, and Zachary Quinto shared hilarious and humbling audition horror stories that prove anything can happen.

And, as a special bonus, Cynthia Nixon!