Jimmy and Carolyn at Queens Theater = Perfect Date Night

Jimmy and Carolyn at Queens Theater = Perfect Date Night

Playwright James Walsh's semi-autobiographical new play Jimmy and Carolyn is playing at the Queens Theatre in the Park this month. 

Five Reasons Why It's The Perfect Date Night

1. The theatre's in one of the prettiest parks in New York City! One of the most historic, too. And it's the perfect romantic destination, with lots of photo ops, like in front of the enormous silver globe fountain -- the one you always see when you're stuck in traffic on the LIE!

2. The play's a family comedy that will make your family -- and your potential in-laws! -- seem like cake by comparison. Laughing your ass off at someone else's crazy family will do wonders for any relationship. 

3. The neighborhood is a Mecca of cheap delicious eats that won't bust your wallet. Or better yet, surprise your date with a pre-show picnic in the park! It's September. Enjoy the weather while it lasts! 

4. Show off your true New Yorker self by seeing a great play before it becomes the next Hamilton

5. Ticket prices won't break your bank. With dinner and a few drinks, the whole evening won't cost you more than fifty bucks. So, surprise him or her with flowers!

Hear James tell you about Jimmy and Carolyn on Episode 3 of the YesBroadway Podcast:

Get Ready For the JoBros Party At 54 Below

Get Ready For the JoBros Party At 54 Below

Get Ready For the JoBros Party At 54 Below

by Tyler Conroy

"This is an S.O.S!" Some of Broadway’s hottest talent is coming together for a one night only concert on September 19th paying tribute to one of the greatest boy bands of our generation: The Jonas Brothers. There's a reason the Bros have sold over 17 million albums (!), 2 million concert tickets, and starred in three movies and even had their own show on Disney...because they are awesome. 

Some Broadway stars are converging at 54 Below on September 19 for a JoBros blowout celebration. 

5 reasons why you need to be there:

1. The cast. This show is packed with stars from Newsies, Avenue Q, Jersey Boys, The Lightning Thief and the upcoming Mean Girls musical. There’s also that guy who sings his orders at the Taco Bell drive-thru & occasionally fangirls on red carpets for YesBroadway (that’s me).

2. The venue. Just about every Broadway legend has performed at Feinstein’s/54 Below making it one of NYC’s most iconic concert halls. Not to mention they also offer a full dinner menu & bar. I recommend their summer sangria! 

3. The song lineup. Have you been a Jonas Brothers fan since their “Mandy” days? You will not be disappointed by the catalog of music the show covers, including a fan favorite from their movie Camp Rock.

4. You miss them. Jonas Brothers 4EVER! Did you also wear all black on the day they announced their official split? If you’ve been missing the music of the Jobros that once filled your iPod nano, then this is a perfect night to channel you’re inner teenybopper and pretend it’s the Year 3000 all over again.

5. Tickets start at $15 on Goldstar. You'll still have plenty of money left for that sangria!

You Should Be Freaking Out About Steven Universe

You Should Be Freaking Out About Steven Universe

Banner Image: Rebecca Sugar

You Should Be Freaking Out About Steven Universe

Um, did you know that Cartoon Network's Steven Universe:

  • is the first animated series on the network to be created solely by a woman?
  • defies heteronormativity and cisnormativity with tons of queer characters?
  • is chock full of really catchy songs that are sung by all of your favorite Broadway stars?

Well, series creator Rebecca Sugar writes most of these crush-worthy songs herself and when she enlisted Broadway stars to sing them, we're freaking the eff out!

5 videos you'll be obsessed with IN ABOUT TEN MINUTES:

Kween Patti LuPone (yes, that's right...Patti. LuPone.) slays in this incredible villain song. She battles with Christine Ebersole every night on Broadway in War Paint, but here she is battling a rag tag team of rebels.

Deedee Magno Hall, who took over for Lea Salonga in Miss Saigon back in the 1990's (no big deal) is the voice of Pearl. This superb ballad about a woman that left her for another man belongs on Broadway IMMEDIATELY.

See? And Deedee Magno Hall's "and Pearl..." at 2:57 is the aural equivalent of the heart eyes emoji in this extended version of the Steven Universe theme song:

This song right here will make you yearrrrrn for British pop star Estelle to headline a Broadway show one day soon. Cynthia Erivo as Burr with Estelle as Hamilton? #DreamCasting

Another good one from Estelle. In this song, her character is teaching young people who are in love how to think through their anxieties so they don’t get destroyed by them. That shift at 1:03, tho...

Yeah. We're obsessed, too. Bingewatching: Go!...and maybe a Broadway musical of Steven Universe?

The HamilApp, And Why More Broadway Shows Need This

The HamilApp, And Why More Broadway Shows Need This

The HamilApp, And Why More Broadway Shows Need This

by Brookelynn Mason

It's been a great few weeks, er...years, for Hamilton: an American Musical. Aside from the fan-run Hamilton Happy Hour and the Los Angeles opening of the tour, we now have the glory that is the Hamilton mobile app. That's right -- the very first Broadway show to EVER have a mobile app of its very own. So, I say to the Broadway community: this should have happened already, you need to get on board with this, and here's why:

*Visibility for shows that aren't as well known or sought after. The HamilApp saw over 500k downloads in its first three days on the market. Granted, Hamilton is a really popular show...but with its camera filters and social media integration capabilities, you can spread the word about a show with just a few finger taps and a perfectly timed selfie! Stream your show's cast recording, upload relevant news articles to the news feed...the possibilities are endless. 

*Connections. The features found within the HamilApp have brought people together over a shared interest. It has strengthened a fandom, which strengthens consumerism. Being able to watch the live stream of the Los Angeles Ham4Ham with all of the other people who also have the app is a special moment. Imagine if we could see backstage streams, or special event streams of all the shows on Broadway!

*Admitting musical theater into pop culture. Hamilton has arguably been at the forefront of making Broadway more accessible to the average person rather than a specific niche. Putting more shows on more mobile devices and integrating more musical theater into the main stream is just a DAMN good idea.

Don't throw away your shot, Broadway execs! There's dolla dolla bills in this, and the rise of the Broadway community in the digital age. You don't want to wait for it...wait for it...wait for it...

 Banner Image: Joan Marcus

Game of Thrones: The Musical! (Yes, for real...)

Game of Thrones: The Musical! (Yes, for real...)

Can't get enough Game of Thrones? Not to worry...there's a musical parody coming to NYC in October! Game of Thrones: The Rock Musical (An Unauthorized Parody) has played sold out runs in both "San Diego is Coming" at Comic Con and "West(eros) Hollywood" and now makes its debut in NYC.

13 original songs! 100 minutes, no intermish! Khal Drogo singing showtunes! Yes, please.

Check out the video promo and get your tickets below.

Runs October 10 - 29.

Banner Image: Courtesy of DDPR

Hadestown: Why We Are OBSESSED

Hadestown: Why We Are OBSESSED

Hadestown: Why We Are Obsessed!

By Brookelynn Mason

You've probably heard the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice--guy's girl dies, and he travels into the depths of the Underworld to strike a deal with Hades to retrieve her. This is the basis for Hadestown. Add in a diverse cast of extremely talented human beings and a score in the style of folk music (Anais Mitchell, we see you!), and you've got an idea of just how unique and amazing this show is.

Photos: Joan Marcus

Originally a concept album set in a Depression-era dreamscape, Hadestown was recently showcased Off-Broadway at New York Theatre Workshop in 2016 and received RAVE reviews. This production introduced the world to just how absolutely flawless Amber Gray is, and just killed it in The Great Comet on Broadway and paved the way for Damon Daunno to change your life in this year's Beardo

Hadestown is everything we like at YesBroadway: the music is fresh, unique, and exciting; the staging is innovative; the cast is diverse and full of talented people of color; and, of course, the story is relatable and familiar. Keep your eyes on this show as we think it is on it's way to Broadway. For now, it is going to have a run at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton for the Canadian premiere in November. This literally might be worth a trip to Western Canada!

A full live recording will be released October 6, 2017. Check out a few previews from the show and you'll fall for it just as hard as we have!