Review: In Transit

by Sam Maher

I was nervous to see In Transit. Opening night was a few nights before and the reviews were pretty brutal. I also just didn't think I'd be that into something called "Broadway's first a cappella musical". I liked Pitch Perfect for all the same reasons that anyone did, but that's about all my exposure to a cappella. Fortunately, In Transit wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be!

Energetic performances by very talented performers helped a lot. Erin Mackey especially stood out in a hilarious performance of dumpee who could just not get over her ex. Margo Seibert also shines as a struggling NYC actress in what might be considered the lead role of the show. Also, please welcome America's Got Talent star Moya Angela to Broadway, who steals the whole damn show as a sassy MTA employee.

Many reviews slammed the lack of dimension in the characters, but I just don't think that's what the writers were going for. It might be impossible to write a meaningful a cappella musical and I think they knew that, so they kept the characters and story light and focused on other things. The songs are quite good - you don't write Let It Go without being good at what you do! However, 95 minutes straight of a cappella unfortunately gave me a headache and made it hard to enjoy them by the end.

Besides that headache, I left thinking that there wasn't much that I *didn't* like, which is a good sign. A pleasant night at the theater is way better than a bad one! 

Glee and a capella superfans will enjoy every second of this show. If you are not one of those people, go in with a cocktail and relax and have a good time with a well-done show!

Margo Seibert, Photo:

Margo Seibert, Photo:

Erin Mackey,  Photo:

Erin Mackey, Photo: