Torch Song is Harvey Fierstein's 1970s/80s hilarious and heartbreaking masterpiece about gay life in NYC. It played Off-Broadway last year and is transferring to Broadway this fall! Based on seeing it Off-Broadway a few months ago, here are:

5 Reasons You Should Get Hyped About Torch Song

1. We've said it before and we'll say it again and again and again: Michael Urie, Michael Urie, Michael Urie. This absolutely brilliant actor is so good at both comedy and drama that he is destined to be a megastar. You simply cannot take your eyes off of him the entire time he's on stage. Check out this video where everyone who knows him proclaims their love:

2. If you've never seen Mercedes Ruehl in anything, you'll be a #Fan4Lyfe the moment she walks on stage and you're instantly like "Ooooh, got it. You're a dream come true!". She plays an overbearing Jewish mother with such nuance that, just like her onstage son, you won't be able to tell if you want to nuzzle up to her bosom or run screaming in the other direction.

Photos: Joan Marcus

3. Harvey's writing. Harvey is a genius, plain and simple...and wrote a play with gay central characters long before Ellen and Will & Grace. His unique brand of humor is an integral part of being drawn to the everyday struggles of these characters: searching for love, wanting a family, and dealing with the loss of a loved one, just to name a few.

4. The set. David Zinn's knockout scenic design transports you to a NYC that existed decades ago. In fact, all of the production values are superb. Another special shoutout to Clint Ramos' delightfully retro costume design!

5. The entire cast. From Jack DiFalco's perfect angsty teenager to Ward Horton's portrayal of lonely dude with privilege and everyone in between, this is a cast with zero weak links. Expect exquisite acting all around!

Starts on Broadway October 9.