Banner Image: Rebecca Sugar

You Should Be Freaking Out About Steven Universe

Um, did you know that Cartoon Network's Steven Universe:

  • is the first animated series on the network to be created solely by a woman?
  • defies heteronormativity and cisnormativity with tons of queer characters?
  • is chock full of really catchy songs that are sung by all of your favorite Broadway stars?

Well, series creator Rebecca Sugar writes most of these crush-worthy songs herself and when she enlisted Broadway stars to sing them, we're freaking the eff out!

5 videos you'll be obsessed with IN ABOUT TEN MINUTES:

Kween Patti LuPone (yes, that's right...Patti. LuPone.) slays in this incredible villain song. She battles with Christine Ebersole every night on Broadway in War Paint, but here she is battling a rag tag team of rebels.

Deedee Magno Hall, who took over for Lea Salonga in Miss Saigon back in the 1990's (no big deal) is the voice of Pearl. This superb ballad about a woman that left her for another man belongs on Broadway IMMEDIATELY.

See? And Deedee Magno Hall's "and Pearl..." at 2:57 is the aural equivalent of the heart eyes emoji in this extended version of the Steven Universe theme song:

This song right here will make you yearrrrrn for British pop star Estelle to headline a Broadway show one day soon. Cynthia Erivo as Burr with Estelle as Hamilton? #DreamCasting

Another good one from Estelle. In this song, her character is teaching young people who are in love how to think through their anxieties so they don’t get destroyed by them. That shift at 1:03, tho...

Yeah. We're obsessed, too. Bingewatching: Go!...and maybe a Broadway musical of Steven Universe?