Broadway doesn't have an official way of highlighting extraordinarily good replacement performances in long-running shows and, as such, the performers taking over the roles rarely get the attention they deserve. So, we decided to give them some love. Here are five replacement performances on Broadway that you need to see this summer:


Photo: Matthew Murphy

Taylor Trensch as Evan in Dear Evan Hansen

Following up Ben Platt’s Tony-winning performance comes with a lot of pressure and is certainly no easy feat, but Taylor pulls it off. He caught everyone’s attention as Barnaby in Hello, Dolly! and then moved across Shubert Alley to the Music Box Theatre in February to settle in to play every young male actor’s dream role on Broadway.

The best part about his performance? Taylor makes Evan his own. His Act 1 is a little lighter emotionally than Ben’s, which just makes his intense Act 2 all the more devastating. Taylor is one of those performers who will convince you he is made of magic five seconds after he steps on stage, with a charming smile that will seduce even the coldest of hearts. His performance of Evan is incredibly special and not to be missed.

Special shoutout: Alex Boniello, who recently took over for Tony nominee Mike Faist as Connor Murphy, is also excellent. Alex was born to play this role. He’s SO good in it! Check out the link below to see a video of Taylor and Alex singing a song from the show.


Photo: Joan Marcus

Melissa Benoist as Carole King in Beautiful 

You might recognize Melissa Benoist from Supergirl or Glee on tvbut you'll be oh-so-glad she's now on Broadway convincingly playing Carole King at various ages. First of all: WHAT. A. VOICE. Check out this video to get a sneak peek of those silky smooth vocals.

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It's always wonderful when such talented and beautiful (get it?) actresses can also belt out some show tunes, but Melissa's performance is especially commanding...not something you always see in a Broadway debut. Don't miss her! She'll be playing the role through August 4.

Photo: Joan Marcus

Photo: Joan Marcus

Michael Luwoye as Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton

Michael is giving one of the most nuanced and generous performance of Alexander himself since Lin-Manuel Miranda himself graced that stage. Michael's had a long journey to playing the role on Broadway: he was an alternate on Broadway, going on once or twice a week and then played the role in LA and San Francisco before landing as your Alexander at most Broadway performances. The coolest factoid? He was the first actor to play both Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr...and he did it in SAME DAY - Hamilton at the matinee and Burr at the evening performance. Yep. He's a badass! Run, don't walk, to see him.

P/S The show is in great shape three years later. See this Twitter thread for more:

8A-Jay Armstrong Johnson as Raoul by Matthew Murphy.jpg

Photo: Matthew Murphy

Jay Armstrong Johnson as Raoul in The Phantom of the Opera

Raoul is an iconic role in The Phantom of the Opera. He has almost as much onstage time as the Phantom himself and gets several classic vocal moments with Christine, including the famous "All I Ask Of You". There have been 19 official Raouls before him, but Broadway favorite Jay brings a sweetness to Raoul that few performers before him have acheived. You just want to hug him as Christine constantly rejects him. Plus, there's no denying that Jay is really easy on the eyes...just sayin'.

Special shoutout: Ben Crawford is also amazing as the new Phantom himself as is Raquel Suarez Groen, who now plays Carlotta. 

Jessica Vosk as Elphaba 2. Photo by Joan Marcus._v1_current.jpg

Photo: Joan Marcus

Hype Alert: Jessica Vosk as Elphaba in Wicked

Jessica starred in the 2015 revival of Fiddler on the Roof as Fruma-Sarah and then spent much of 2017 playing Elphaba on the national tour of Wicked , the buzz for which was OUT. OF. CONTROL. Her online fandom is, quite simply, huge. So huge, in fact, that she was able to crowdfund over $35k for a solo studio album in 72 hours (!!!). Expect her first performance in the Broadway production of Wicked on July 16 (and all subsequent ones!) to be filled with straight-up electricity.