Yep, Mean Girls is now a Broadway musical and it's REALLY good.


1. It's for everyone. Superfans of the movie will appreciate all the nostalgic shout-outs, but you won't feel left out if you've never seen or don't really remember the movie. This is musical theater that you definitely don't have to be a musical theater superfan to enjoy!

2. Tina Fey. This up-and-coming comedy writer you probably never heard of wrote the book (the "book" of a musical is everything that isn't the music and lyrics). When Kween Tina is at the helm, you know it's gonna be hilarious AF...and, don't worry, it is!

3. Jeff Richmond's music. Tina Fey's husband is making his debut as a Broadway composer and his songs are really bright and poppy. This is the kind of new musical that you can't WAIT to listen to the cast recording. Those songs are delightful! 

4. The four Mean Girls themselves. Both Taylor Louderman as Regina George and Ashley Park's (from YesBroadway's 2018 40 Under 40!) as Gretchen Wieners are incredible. Special shoutout to the perfect Kate Rockwell, who steals about every single damn scene she's in as the ditzy Karen. The best news of all, though? Erika Henningson enchants our faces off as Cady Heron herself. Broadway leading lady status: Unlocked!

Photos: Joan Marcus

5. Casey Nicholaw's direction. Casey signature style is bright and fun. He directed Aladdin and The Book of Mormon (no big deal) and his shows always include rousing musical number after rousing musical number that have the entire audience doubled over in laughter. He's a double whammy director/choreographer, so you can imagine how seamlessly the dancing fits into the show. Mean Girls includes some of the tightest direction and choreography currently on Broadway. It's boisterous, charming, and feels like you're eating a delicious gourmet cream puff for two and half hours!

6. Barrett Wilbert Weed and Grey Henson. These two play BFFs Janis and Damian, who also serve as the narrators of our story. Barrett slayed in Off-Broadway's Found in 2014 and has a huge fan base from the cult Heathers: The Musical. She is just SO. FREAKIN. APPEALING. and her voice will blow you right away. Future megastar alert! Audience favorite Grey has a really great tap dancing number that will have you SCREAMING. 

7. Gregg Barnes' costume design. It is so rare that a Broadway show set in 2018 dresses their characters the way people...actually dress in 2018. Gregg pulls it off, though! His extremely awesome costume design includes hilarious throwback tees, glamorous outfits for The Plastics, and lots of actual AirJordans!

8. Nell Benjamin's lyrics. Nell co-wrote 2007's Legally Blonde: The Musical (which was a total A+, btw) and is back at it with Mean Girls. Her lyrics are hilarious and make you forget you're listening to showtunes!

Photos: Joan Marcus

9. The ensemble. It's full of energetic and ridiculously talented people! Special shoutouts: Cheech Manohar makes about as good of a Broadway debut as one can make as the hilarious Mathlete Kevin, Justin Timberlake backup dancer Kevin Csolak's steamy dance moves will make your heart beat, um, really fast, and cutie DeMarius Copes (also in YesBroadway's 2018 40 Under 40!) will make you literally scream "Wig!" in Act 2.

10. Kerry Butler. You loved her in Broadway's Disaster and Xanadu. Now, she's playing all the adult female roles in Mean Girls...and rocking out all three! It's no easy feat to put your own spin on three roles made famous by Tina Fey herself, Amy Poehler, and Ana Gasteyer, but Kerry does it. It's hard not to have a crush on her! She's especially hilarious as Regina's mother (the Amy Poehler role).

It's definitely fetch. It's definitely grool. Mean Girls on Broadway: you CAN sit with us!