Girl from the North Country took London’s West End by storm last year (including two Olivier Awards!) and then made a splash Off-Broadway at The Public Theater. Find out below if you’re someone who would want to to see this dreamy new musical when it arrives on Broadway this February.

People who will love Girl from the North Country:

1. Bob Dylan fans. So, like, literally everyone! It’s a truly special experience to see a musical with music by one of the greatest songwriters of all time. From the first note all the way through to the curtain call, you’ll delight in hearing these new musical theater arrangements of all your favorite Bob Dylan songs.

2. Dear Evan Hansen fans. Original Evan alternate Colton Ryan shines as a lost young alcoholic in deep pain in this show. Good luck not falling in love with this dreamboat!

3. 80s movies lovers. Your favorite 80s ingenue, St. Elmo’s Fire star Mare Winningham, earns mad respect in this show for her performance as a woman with dementia. Her performance during the epic Act 1 closer “Like A Rolling Stone” is going to be talked about in the musical theater world for years to come. She is a straight-up force to be reckoned with up on that stage, frightening AF and as lovely as warm a summer day at the same time.

Photos of the Off-Broadway production: Joan Marcus

4. Hamilton fans. Original Philip Schuyler/James Reynolds (and eventual Aaron Burr replacement) Sydney James Harcourt is back on the stage where Hamilton premiered, but this time as a ex-con boxing star who stops the show with his performance of the Bob Dylan favorite “Hurricane”. Sydney hasn’t been confirmed for the Broadway production yet, but we’re all sure hoping he is onstage at the Belasco come February.

5. Fans of badass lady drummers! Last year, this was at least Off-Broadway’s second musical with a badass lady drummer (the other one was: Hannah Elless in The Other Josh Cohen). Luba Mason plays a riotous character in Girl from the North Country who sits down at a downstage drum set a few times during the show and shows us what it’s all about….and, she’s often singing the lead vocals on the song as well. You’re gonna want to see SO much more from this megawatt performer after seeing her in this show.

Bonus: Todd Almond’s gospel-style performance of “Duquesne Whistle” in Act 2 might just be the most rapturous moment in musical theater in 2020. Expect for your entire soul to be lit up.

Girl from the North Country starts on Broadway on February 7. Get into it!