Want to know how the U.S. Constitution relates to Dirty Dancing? Go see New York Theatre Workshop’s What The Constitution Means To Me, which is extending through December via a transfer to the Greenwich House Theater.

Extremely relatable playwright and star Heidi Schreck is hilarious, but that is secondary to the fact that she is an incredible (and informative!) storyteller. Even better? You get the sense that she’s performing just for you when watching her. You also get the sense that she’s performing this for you for the first time ever, even though the show may already be a few weeks into its run.

Her new show is about as relevant as it gets, even updated to include governmental happenings from the past week or two. She takes you on a journey of growing up in Washington state on the debate circuit at various American Legion clubhouses and seamlessly integrates the history of her mother and grandmother, both with incredible stories to tell.

Photos: Joan Marcus

Heidi is uber likable, giving an extraordinarily committed performance, and her two cast mates seal the deal. A real NYC student debater joins for the final part of the play, a sly move by Heidi to help ensure that you leave the theater hopeful for the future.

What The Constitution Means To Me is a delightful evening at the theater.

Runs through November 27 - December 30.