Do you have young kids who love theater and are looking for a fun Saturday morning activity to take them to? Look no further than ChickenshedNYC! It’s a New York-based inclusive children’s theater company that works with children of all ages to ensure that each participant can be successful in producing great theater—regardless of differing abilities or societal hurdles. They have a new kid-friendly interactive show playing on the Upper East Side & Queens this March & April, “Tales from the Shed” and we have 5 reasons why it’s the perfect Saturday morning outing for the whole family: 

1. Everyone can sing along! “Tales from the Shed” is full of fun music that's easy for kids to learn and sing along to! You'll have so much fun singing along to Lion Down!

2. Parents and kids play together! At “Tales from the Shed”, parents and kids get to play together! This show makes it easy for families to bond while having a lot of fun!

3. Learn new skills! There is always something fun to learn. Tales teaches you sign language and new dances — all while teaching you how to be a better friend

4. So Many Places! This spring, Tales from the Shed has shows in Manhattan (at Wetherby-Pembridge School) and in Queens (Queens Theatre). That means two different places for you to experience this fun show!

5. Tales from the Shed is inclusive! Chickenshed NYC is all about making sure that everyone can play along! Tales from the Shed is inclusive so typically abled children and children of mixed abilities can sing, dance, and laugh together!