#10 YEN

MCC Theater (Off-Broadway)

#10 is not a bad spot to be in considering I saw around 250 shows this year. Yen was staggeringly awesome, just like so many MCC Theater shows are. I knew I was going to love it the moment I walked in the theater and this  really loud grime music was playing (Grime = a form of UK rap). The acting was incredible. Ari Graynor had a full-on overdose onstage…the story broke my heart and stomped on it. Yen was SO good. More...

Photo: Joan Marcus

#9 Sam’s Tea Shack

The Tank (Off-Off-Broadway)

Holding down the #9 spot: Sam’s Tea Shack. This was definitely the best one-man show I’ve ever seen! Sam Sogher is a genius and his very unpretentious show downtown was hilarious and authentic. You get the feeling he smoked a big blunt before coming on stage and it was really dope  to go inside his brilliant mind for an hour or so. I loved EVERY second of this delightful show. More...

1. Sam's Tea Shack featuring Sam Soghor Photo credit Skye Morse-Hodgson.jpg

Photo: Skye Morse-Hodgson

#8 Freedom Riders

New York Musical Festival

Number 8? Freedom Riders. I have a real crush on this show. Radio-ready music, juicy leading roles for people of color, and an important story to tell. This show is hot lava. The creators have announced that the show Part 1 of a trilogy and the show is getting a concert performance at 54 Below in January. Get on board that bus to freedom! More...

The cast of FREEDOM RIDERS at NYMF 2017 - photo by Mia Winston (1).jpg

Photo: Mia Winston


Ars Nova + Woodshed Collective + Ma-Yi Theater Company (Off-Broadway)

KPOP was an immersive musical that blew my effing mind. It was everything you want a pop musical to be. Helen Park co-wrote the extraordinarily good music with 2017 YesBroadway 40 Under 40 star Max Vernon. Leading stars Jason Tam and Ashley Park were dreamboats and a half…and that concert finale? OMG, it made you feel like you were at Madison Square Garden at a KPOP concert screaming like a superfan. I say YES, YES, and more YES to KPOP. More...


Photo: Ben Arons

#6 As You Like It

The Public Theater’s Public Works Initiative

As You Like It was part of The Public Theater’s Public Works Initiative, which brings community members into the creation process and results in a staggeringly diverse show. Shaina Taub’s As You Like It was so joyous and celebratory that almost made you forget who our president was for a hour or two. There was an Arabic folk dance in this show that warranted a standing ovation so rousing that I feel like I should still be standing and applauding 4 months later. Best part of all? It was free and outside in Central Park! More...


Photo: Joan Marcus

#5 The Glass Menagerie


The 2017 revival of The Glass Menagerie starring Sally Field was extremely polarizing, to say the least…but those of who loved it truly loved it. Director Sam Gold stripped this play down to it’s bare bones. There was hardly any set and the characters were wearing modern clothes. He made this 1940’s classic play accessible to a 2017 audience and, for that, we’re celebrating. More...

Photo: Julieta Cervantes

#4 Significant Other


Confession: I saw Significant Other 7 times. This new play was relatable to practically every single 20 and 30 something living in NYC, targeting YesBroadway’s demographic like a bullseye. Most people agree that Gideon Glick’s superb leading performance was the biggest snub of the 2017 Tony Awards and I will never forget breakout star Sas Goldberg’s hilarious performance. Significant Other was what theater dreams are made of! More...


Photo: Joan Marcus

#3 You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown

EPIC Players (Off-Broadway)

EPIC Players You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown tugged my heartstrings right out of my chest. This neuro-inclusive production (neuro-inclusive = includes people with developmental disabilities) was inspirational for all the obvious reasons, but mostly just because of how well done it was. It was really special to see performers with developmental disabilities tell the story of the underdog Charlie Brown, a dude who constantly has to rise above people calling him stupid. My heart is still so, so warm two months later after seeing this show! More...

Samantha Elisofon  - Travis Burbee - Gianluca Cirafici - photo  by Charlene Warner. (2).png

Photo: Charlene Warner

#2 Syncing Ink

The Flea (Off-Off-Broadway)

Syncing Ink was OOZING with theatrical swagger. It was everything theater can and should be: fresh, exciting, energetic, irreverent…and it had some of the best rapping ever done in a theatrical medium. This was one of those shows where the entire audience leapt to their feet before the lights even come up for the curtain call because we were so overjoyed that something this awesome even exists. For me, the show was so well done that it reminded me why I fell passionately, deeply, madly in love with theater in the first place. Syncing Ink was DOPE. More...


Photo: Joan Marcus

#1 SpongeBob SquarePants


I had never seen an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants before I went in on that fateful night and it was, by far, one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in a Broadway theater. Tina Landau’s direction will make you full-on believe in magic again. The music is by John Legend, Aerosmith, Sara Bareilles, The Flaming Lips, David Bowie, T.I, just to name a few, so it sounds REALLY good. Ethan Slater as SpongeBob himself is practically guaranteed to be nominated for a Tony Award and the stunning ensemble cast is full of one Broadway dreamboat after another. You should be making SpongeBob SquarePants your number one Broadway priority if you haven’t seen it yet! It’s sooooo good! More...


Photo: Joan Marcus