Who’s Holiday is a delightful little 55-minute Christmastime treat! Broadway’s Queen Lesli Margherita stars in this hilarious solo play as a grown up Cindy Lou Who who is out on parole and ready to party in her Whoville trailer park. She drinks vodka straight from the bottle, smokes like a chimney, rips a bong made out of Christmas decorations (Who Hash!), and pops some pills…and that’s just the first 15 minutes!

The role requires someone with experience and real talent, but considering Lesli has a goddamned Olivier Award (the Tonys of London) for her performance in Zorro The Musical, it’s no wonder that she pulls this off without a hitch. You also might remember her slaying the role of Mrs. Wormwood in Matilda on Broadway a few years ago.

Photos: Carol Rosegg

Hints of commentary on social justice, criminal reform, and the state of our country’s poverty stricken masses pop up here and there, but this is mostly a chance to kick back and laugh for an hour and forget who our president is. If you're feeling a bit cranky this holiday season, head on over to the cozy Westside Theater and let Cindy Lou Who put the Christmas spirit...in you.

Bonus: the set is a magical trailer park holiday fairyland…talk about trailer park chic!

Runs through December 31.

Meet Lesli and find out more about the show in this video.