This Ain't No Disco is a new Off-Broadway musical playing at the Atlantic Theater Company centered around Studio 54's triumphant reign on NYC nightlife and the characters that populated the club during it's final months.

5 Reasons You Gotta See It:

1. The music, the music, the music! Composers Stephen Trask and Peter Yanowitz's songs are in the top 1% (!!!) of music from new musicals of this decade. It's super groovy, disco-themed, and pulsating with life. Peter was an original member of both The Wallflowers and Morningwood, but Broadway fans know him as the drummer from the Broadway production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, for which Stephen wrote the music and lyrics, nbd, so you shouldn't be surprised that the music here is gritty, raw, and everything you want your new favorite musicals to sound like. Four words: Cast. Recording. Immediately. Please!

2. Samantha Marie Ware. She was in Glee, The Lion King, The Book of Mormon, and Hamilton...sooooo, talk about an awesome resume. 5 seconds into her performance in This Ain't No Disco and you'll know why she's capturing the hearts of every casting director in NYC and LA. She has a magical stage presence and you'll will be thinking about her character Sammy for a long time after you see her in this show. 

3. Theo Stockman. He was so effing hilarious in Broadway's American Pyscho, and is back at it again here in a COMPLETELY different role: Steve Rubell. His Rubell is both giddy and devastatingly vulnerable and the best part is that Theo completely avoids copying other performers' takes on this wacky character. Your heart will be broken when you see his Steve Rubell carted away to jail as his beloved club is shut down. Awards committees are going to have a hard time ignoring Theo's performance this year!

Photos: Ben Arons

4. The choreography. Camille A. Brown is represented right now on Broadway with some incredibly good choreography in Once On This Island, and knocks it out of the motha-effin' park again with 70s mania in This Ain't No Disco. It's somehow a fresh 2018 take on a classic style that will leave you dazzled number after number. You'll be tempted to head directly to a nightclub after seeing this show and shake what your momma gave you.

5. The entire cast is, quite simply, superb. There are way too many favorites to name all of them, but expect to be especially wowed by: the dreamy Peter LaPrade as he achieves a near-perfect performance as a lost young man that gets caught up in the Studio 54 scene, Krystina Alabado (who was in YesBroadway's 2018 40 Under 40!) and Lulu Fall as a couple that radiate so much warmth and love, and an exquisite Chilina Kennedy as a ridiculous talent agent slash entertainment personality, giving a performance so real that it's scary.

RUN to see the wildly exciting and super fresh new musical This Ain't No Disco.

Runs through August 12.