The True is an awesome new play that is playing Off-Broadway as part of The New Group’s 2018-19 season…and it’s really good. The magic ingredient is a captivating lead performance by Edie Falco. If you don’t already know, you will after seeing her in this play that: She. Is. A. Goddess…plain and simple! You can’t can’t take your eyes off of her during the 105-minute play, during which she’s onstage almost the entire time.

The story centers around a 1970s campaign to keep the long-time mayor of Albany in office. His close friend and political secret weapon is played by Edie Falco, who has a dirty mouth and is about as no-nonsense as it gets. It’s a incredibly hard role to play because you’ve got to be both heartbreaking and hilarious at the same time, but Edie pulls it off. There’s a reason she has about one zillion Emmy, Golden Globe, and SAG Awards for her performances on television in The Sopranos and Nurse Jackie. She’s a superb actress and you should definitely not miss the chance to see her in this intimate of a theatrical setting.

Photos: Monique Carboni

There are several other fine performances in this production, most notably that of Newhart’s Peter Scolari playing her husband and your favorite Christopher Guest movie star and mine, the wonderful Michael McKean, as the washed-up mayor himself. Oh, and special shoutout to scenic designer Derek McLane, who magically makes a very small stage seamlessly switch between very different locations many times throughout the show. His work is absolutely transportive.

Even though the subject matter might only appear interesting to a certain demographic on the surface, The True kept this young, gritty theater-loving audience member happy as a clam for the entire show. Playwright Sharr White and director Scott Elliott have a theatrical triumph on their hands.

Viva the incandescent Edie Falco!

Runs through October 28.