The Jungle is an epic new play about the refugee crisis. This staggeringly good immersive production, fresh from a run on London’s West End, is set in the Calais, France refugee camp that housed thousands of migrants in 2015 and 2016 that were seeking asylum or a better life in the European Union. The space used as the theater at St. Ann’s Warehouse in DUMBO, Brooklyn has been redesigned to enhance the immersive quality of the production, complete with a dirt floor and robust scenic design that envelops you into the show the moment you enter the space.

The Jungle tells the heart-wrenching story of the events leading up the eviction of the camp by the French government. Along the way, the audience encounters all kinds of moments, including a rapturous international jam session that will make your heart race with joy. The devastating production is jam-packed with extraordinarily good acting, writing, and direction that force you to reckon with your own inner demons about the refugee crisis and the responsibility we all have towards guaranteeing human rights for everyone. It might just be one of the most impactful nights at the theater you’ll ever have.

Photos: Teddy Wolff

Special shoutout to St. Ann’s Warehouse for hosting such a daring piece of theater that involved having to campaign for waivers to be granted for three of the show’s actors who are citizens of countries included in Trump’s travel ban. This is just another example of St. Ann’s extraordinary ability to present such important pieces of theater in each triumphant season after another.

Sometimes theater can be so good, and have such an overt point of view, that it makes you understand something as important as the refugee crisis in the clearest terms yet. The Jungle is an A+ theatrical experience that is truly not to be missed.

Runs through January 27.

Pro tip: The run is sold out, but refresh the ticket page on the St. Ann’s Warehouse website a few times a day and tickets might just pop up. There is also a daily rush ticket lottery via the TodayTix app. Both are worth a shot.