The Constitution

Portuguese playwright Mickaël De Oliveira's U.S. premiere of an abstract play about 4 actors chosen to rewrite the official Constitution of Portugal without any experience or social interaction from the outside world. 

5 Reasons You Should See It:

1. The entire experience is very European! This includes the Portuguese custom of not sitting in seats until the show is about to start, so you hang out on the stage until the show starts. Bonus: This is the only Portuguese theater company in NYC. Cultural access like this is why you live here, so...get out and experience it!

2. There are no weak links in the cast. All four actors are A+ performers, some of which you'll recognize from TV! These are experienced and well-trained actors who know what they are doing.

Photos: Vanessa Varela

3. The direction is pointed and courageous. Director Jill DeArmon makes it very easy to follow what is happening while the play takes you on a 70-minute journey from soothing inner comfort to chaotic fear.

4. This is a great gateway to exploring more absurdist theater. The show challenges you to think about theater in a whole different way. This is not jazz hands and Shakespeare.

5. Tickets are only $25. Talk about an affordable theater date night!

Runs through September 10.