3 Reasons You Should See The Little Foxes:

1. Cynthia Nixon and Laura Linney trade off every other night in the iconic female roles of Regina and Birdie. Sam saw a "Green" performance, with Cynthia Nixon as Regina and Laura Linney as Birdie. Each were so good that you simultaneously can't imagine it switched, yet also trust that both actresses are so damn good at what they do that it will be great either way. Each were nominated for a Tony Award® for their performances.

2. Masterful director Daniel Sullivan takes a classic and makes it relevant for 2017 with energetic storytelling that keeps you on the edge of your seat during 3 acts (two intermissions!). It truly flies by.

3. This is the ensemble cast of your dreams. Michael McKean from the Christopher Guest movies shines as Regina's co-conspiring brother, and Richard Thomas is so good as Regina's estranged husband that he is nominated for a Tony Award® for the role. Every single person on stage is an A+ actor.

This show is SO GOOD and a total must-see. Click that button below to see a schedule of who is going on when, but overall: don't worry. Grab tickets for any available performance and let Cynthia and Laura show you how it's DONE.

Photos: Joan Marcus