by Alyssa Cusick

Terminus is a semi-autobiographical play that tells the story of an elderly white woman and her mixed race grandson/caretaker, both living in rural Georgia in 1994. The show premiered in Austin, Texas in 2016 and ran to much critical acclaim...and, for good reason. It's REALLY good!

Deirdre O'Connell's performance will leave you speechless...just, like, WOW. As her character's mind begins to weaken and play tricks on her, the audience is taken on her journey of uncovering the frightening secrets of her past in the segregated South.

Photos: Maria Baranova

An intense story of racial violence and discrimination is explored in this beautifully written play by Gabriel Jason Dean with brilliant direction by Lucie Tiberghien. And, with such an outstanding cast, you can expect the perfect balance of humor and heartbreak in all the right places. 

Terminus is exactly what this country needs right now.

Runs through March 10.