Summer and Smoke is a play that Tennessee Williams wrote between The Glass Menagerie and A Streetcar Named Desire and, when you see Classic Stage Company and Transport Group's joint production, you won’t understand why it’s not as well-known. The writing is just as exceptional and the story just as epic. One could even argue that performing the role of Summer and Smoke's doomed heroine Miss Alma is a harder feat to pull off than Streetcar’s tragic Blanche DuBois. 

Both companies are known for slimmed down productions of classic American theater. The result? Clean, crisp, and accessible shows where the acting and the writing shine, distraction-free.

Photos: Carol Rosegg

Marin Ireland plays Miss Alma in this production and knocks it out of the muthafuckin’ park. Quietly devastating and hilariously exuberant all at once, she. goes. in! Her rockstar performance will attract awards like a magnet. We also get a hunky leading man in House Of Cards' Nathan Darrow, among several other fine performances. Special shoutout to the radiant Hannah Elless’ delicious performance as giggling schoolgirl Nellie. Just try not to fall in love with her!

Head down to Classic Stage’s Union Square-area theater and immerse yourself in the white linen, whisky drunk gentility of the early 1900s American South. The weather is stifling and the passion between our two lovers is even hotter.

Bonus: Seating is (mostly) in the round in this intimate theater. There's not a bad seat in the house! 

Summer and Smoke is extraordinarily good...go see it!

Runs through May 25.