One good tip about seeing immersive theater is to try to know as little as possible about the show going in because it makes the experience even more magical, but here’s why you should definitely go check out Stars in the Night:

It’s an outdoor immersive theater experience that feels more like a theatrical adventure than a show. Much of the action does, indeed, take place inside various shops and lofts in DUMBO, Brooklyn…but it’s framed by scenes that involve you moving around in Main Street Park (adjacent to Brooklyn Bridge Park) and the cobblestone-lined streets of the enchanting waterfront neighborhood. The scenic designer for much of the show is literally New York City itself…it’s NYC-as-theater! You’ll love how the sensory overstimulation of the city adds to the experience.

Photos: Matt Pulliam

The best part? You wander around without the instinct to constantly check a text on your phone. Oh, and: not good at eye contact when interacting with other humans? Immersive theater will help with that and make you feel more connected to your fellow citizens in 2018 than you have since the iPhone came out over a decade ago.

Themes of loss, family relationships, and metropolitan life abound in Stars in the Night. It’s both heartbreaking and hilarious with haunting scenes that disorient you in all the best ways.

Stars in the Night is a must-experience!

Runs through October 20.