by Sam Maher

Crazy story: Last year, I saw the very first preview of a show called Spaceman. I'm excited to report that it was terrific! It had basically just one actor: the extraordinarily talented Erin Treadway, who starred in this new play by the Loading Dock Theatre about an astronaut who struggles to keep it together on her solo trip to Mars.

The coolest part? The playwright Leegrid Stevens is also the sound designer, which meant the sound design was robustly integrated into the writing. The seats literally muh'fuggin' vibrated as the spaceship loudly took off in the beginning and again during dramatic turns of events throughout the show. Very, very, very cool stuff! Erin gave a tour-de-force rocketship of a performance for the one hour and forty minute run time of the show...but then, theater history happened:

During the rapturous curtain call, Erin (who was still in the space suit in the pictures below) turned to walk offstage and tripped over a large speaker on the set. It was a very unassuming fall that seemed like nothing. She got up, grinned with with a look on her face that seemed to say "How embarrassing that I just fell, but thanks for continuing to applaud my performance..." 

That was that and I left the theater high on the fact that such a cool new piece of theater existed. I couldn't wait to tell everyone about it!

Photos: Russ Rowland

Cut to the next morning when I emailed the press representative of the show for the production photos to post here on YesBroadway. His response? The rest of the run is canceled as Erin broke BOTH HER ARMS and her wrist when she fell the night before. CAN YOU IMAGINE?  It turns out she was in the hospital half the night after her glorious debut. And...this is the kind of show that definitely does not have someone understudying Erin's role, since it's basically her performing alone onstage for the full 100 minutes.

While this story is absolutely heartbreaking and everyone involved was surely devastated, know that a real theatrical treat awaits us all now that Erin has recovered and Loading Dock Theater will be remounting Spaceman. I predict Obie Awards, Lortels, and more for Erin and the team behind this epic new play when they all get it back on it's, arms.

Starts (again) February 14.