Playwright Joshua Harmon made a lot of fans after his 2013 dark comedy Bad Jews Off-Broadway and then again after Broadway's delicious dramedy Significant Other in 2017. Now, he's back and continuing to expertly rib rich white people with Skintight. The main idea: a famous fashion designer turns 70 and his recently divorced daughter returns with her college-age son to find that her dad has shacked up with hunk. You can only imagine the shenanigans that ensue.

This new play stars the one and only Idina Menzel, back on a NYC stage in a non-singing role. How dare she not sing, you ask? Well, luckily for you, Idina has A+ comedy chops that make up for the fact that we don't get to hear that liquid gold pour forth from her famous vocal chords. In Skintight, Idina, quite simply, glows. She's hilarious without going overboard, perfectly cast (so much so you wonder if the role was written for her), and proves herself to be just as magnetic in a play as she is in a musical.

Photos: Joan Marcus

Will Brittain as the young hunk is a straight-up revelation. He may be distractingly attractive at first, but you realize a couple of scenes in to the show what a hard role this is to pull off and just how gifted of an actor he is. Also, special shoutout to Eli Gelb who nails his performance as the uptight and privileged grandson.

Skintight is hilarious and has a lot of heart. And you should never pass up a chance to see Idina onstage...EVER!

Runs through August 26.