Six Degrees of Separation

By Brian Cudina

A millennial making his Broadway debut is arguing with acting veteran Allison Janney. How’s that for a degree of separation? The actors playing misunderstood rich 90’s teens steal the first half, building the hilarity in crescendos that leave for multiple applause breaks. Seriously, when you get home you’ll want to turn on some Alanis Morissette just to relate to them further.

The show has your typical start-out-funny-and-then-get-more-serious-towards-the-end-plot, but when you watch this cast take it on, you stay glued. Big names like Janney from TV's The West Wing and Mom, and Corey Hawkins from Straight Outta Compton (“Oh, so that’s where!”) earned their spots in the closing bows, creating believable journeys as more information is revealed about our central con man.

The “six degrees” portion of the show is more a thinking check point than a literal chain of character relationships. Trip Cullman, who directed Significant Other, keeps the pace flowing so you’re never feeling bored or confused.  It’s not billed as a comedy, but the laughs in Six Degrees of Separation will stay with you the next day. Not many shows force you to love a bunch of angsty teenagers, but those kids will make you feel they were the best part of the 90’s.  

Photos: Joan Marcus