5 reasons to see Seven Spots on the Sun:

1. The completely Latinx cast. At a time when diversity on stage is a hot topic, it's great to see a company serve up a story that demands actors of a specific ethnicity. The entire cast gives passionate performances that will stick in your mind, and make you want to follow their careers closely. 

2. The electrifying direction. This intense story of mourning, redemption and revenge gives director Weynil Mengesha's lots of material to keep the action engaging. It's gritty, sexy, dangerous and Mengesha's cast doesn't hold back.

3. Producing pedigree. The Rattlestick Playwrights Theater is all about cutting edge theater and new voices. Its producing partner on this piece is the Sol Project - a producing company that focuses solely on promoting key playwrights. Oh, and Lin-Manuel Miranda gave lead production support. Sooooo, there's that. 

4. It's a New York premiere. The play has been developed and produced on stages throughout the US by notable companies in Chicago and Cincinnati, but this is the New York premiere production. What better reason is there to give yourself bragging rights then to say, "I saw that play when..."?

5. 80 Minutes. No Intermission. No drawn out scenes. No meandering monologues. Just sharp, poignant scenes that pack an emotional punch.

Runs through June 4th.

Photos by Russ Rowland