You should be paying a lot of attention to The Flea Theater after last year's theatrical homerun Syncing Ink. Running now is Scraps, a take on the after effects of police brutality. This new play is super intense, gets a little weird in the final 20 minutes, and hits quite close to home for some of us...but, overall: it's superbly written, directed, and performed. Trifecta alert!

Scraps is the first production of The Flea's "Color Brave" 2018-19 season and features members of The Bats, their resident acting company that is chock full of future megastars. All five cast members shine under Flea Artistic Director Niegel Smith's brave direction. And, heroic playwright Geraldine Inoa puts this issue front and center, forcing audiences to reckon with this devastating epidemic.

Photos: Hunter Canning

Head downtown to support this small theater company that is putting up powerful work that really matters. Tickets start at only $15!

Runs through September 29.