Pop Punk High is an energetic and extremely well-done musical full of catchy tunes and a delightfully stupid story that will have you ROTFLMAO before the first song even begins and it's back for a return engagement this Fall! 

Don't know what pop punk is? Think Sum 41, Blink 182, and Avril Lavigne.It's 2003, The Blair Witch Project remains in the zeitgeist, AOL Instant Messenger is the main mode of communication, and your skater friends are making fun of you because you "can't shred for dick!" Enter our hero Derek, who wants to dominate the Battle of the Bands to get the hot skater girl at Pop Punk High. Avril Lavigne's ghost (click here to see why that makes sense) appears from his giant bong and grants him three wishes, genie-style, so that he can try to beat his arch nemesis' band: Skeet & The Cumsluts.

Photos: Greg Howard

Everyone involved embraces the silliness of the whole situation, including the audience who is blissfully crammed into the concert venue (le) poisson rouge to watch this musical. Director Felicia Lobo does a terrific job of making it feel organic. Both the crowd and the cast is full of young cuties, the energy in the room is off the charts, and you'll have so much fun with the whole experience that you might even feel young again!

Duuuude, don't be a poser: Go see Pop Punk High.

Runs through November 1.