People, Places & Things at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn is a real gift from London. Denise Gough stars and she will rock your mothereffing world in this new play about rehab. This is a trifecta of theater: A+ writing, A+ direction, and A+ acting. Quite simply, it just doesn't get much better than this!

Duncan Macmillan's writing is sleek and profound all at once, using everyday modern parlance as a way to raise the stakes in the precarious situation of drug and alcohol addiction. Director Jeremy Herrin uses the expensive-looking production values to their best advantage, shocking and stunning the audience into a state of what it might feel like to be on the verge of an overdose, and then in withdrawals. Even better? There are zero weak links in a diverse British cast, all enhancing Denise's electric leading performance.

Photos: Teddy Wolff

But, let's talk about Denise for a second...because she is RIDICULOUS. This is one of those performances that looks so taxing that you honestly can't imagine how she pulls it off night after night. She blazes like a megawatt lightbulb for the entire 2+ hours of this play, never leaving the stage once. There is a lot of buzz around the fact that she almost gave up and quit acting before she landed this job and, boy, you'll be so glad she didn't. In fact, she's so good that other actors watching her performance may have the urge to give up themselves because it will be tough to ever achieve this level of skill.

People, Places & Things is a total theatrical triumph.

Runs until December 3.