By Annie Schiffmann

Munich. Bridge of Spies. Homeland. If political suspense and intrigue is up your alley, then it can’t be overstated enough to go see Oslo. And waffles. If you’re into waffles too.

On paper, this show sounds like a snoozer and a downer, but don’t be fooled. Although the running time is three hours, they fly by like when you’re binge watching season two of your favorite show before season three comes out. It’s about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but at the top of the show one of the main characters (played by Tony winner Jefferson Mays) outlines how his unconventional diplomatic efforts are crazy enough to work. You're in good hands with this character’s methods and the actor who plays him. On opening night, actor Daniel Jenkins said playwright J.T. Rogers had "written a comedy about Israeli-PLO diplomacy". When you see Oslo you’ll understand why. (There’s a Shakira reference in there, for one...)

You always say you should see some theater in New York City. This is the one to see. Right now.

Runs through July 16.

Banner Image: T. Charles Erickson