Nutcracker Rouge takes the dream in The Nutcracker and reimagines it as...a wet dream. There's dominatrixes, gender-fluid hunkz and babez, and gratuitous sex that just keeps, ahem, coming scene after scene. This sexy burlesque show isThe Nutcracker meets Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Sleep No Morewith a pinch of Hedwig thrown in. It's really, really, really awesome!


1. When you walk in and see how cool the space is, you know you're in for a real treat. Company XIV's gorgeous theater, deep in Bushwick, is immaculately designed. It's spacious, yet intimate and most importantly: instantly transports you to another time and place. It feels like Paris in the 1920's in there, not Brooklyn in 2017.  An extra bonus: the crowd is young, hip, and ready to party!

2. Your new favorite singer Cunio belting Def Lepperd's Pour Some Sugar On Me as sexy ballet dancers bust out some holiday-themed choreography. Expect him to be very famous one day soon!

3. A classic dance number from The Nutcracker is done by tattooed muscular hunks wearing pink tutus and strap-on dildos. Maybe these are the kinds of sugar plum fairies Tchaikovsky had in mind all along?

Photos: Mark Shelby Perry and THEGINGERB3ARDMEN

4. Storm Marrero singing the 90s hit "Sex and Candy" during one of the shows two (action packed) intermissions. Fun fact: In a 2017 that no one could have predicted, this song is in TWO musicals in NYC right now! It also makes an appearance in Cruel Intentions: The Musical.

5. The entire third act is thrilling AF. Breathtaking from start to finish, this final 30-40 minutes of the show is jam-packed with a few big grand finales that warrant multiple standing ovations. You'll leave with your heart racing!

Do not miss Nutcracker Rouge!

Runs through January 14.