5 Reasons Why You Should See Off-Broadway's Napoli, Brooklyn:

1. A "very crazy thing" happens onstage near the end of Act 1. Trust us, you want this to be a surprise. Even the lobby exhibit about this "very crazy thing" is veiled until intermission as to not spoil it before you experience it IRL. The faint-of-heart: Beware! 

2. Two words: Alyssa. Bresnahan. In a career-defining performance as an Italian mother who is the glue that holds her family together, Alyssa is so smooth and nuanced that can't fathom that you are watching someone act. 

3. Female playwright! It is sad that the playwright's gender has to be championed, but unfortunately we live in a world where it must be. Meghan Kennedy's layered and engaging script is subtly brilliant. Monologues from this play are going to be performed in acting classes for decades.

4. The direction is on point! Gordon Edelstein masterfully captures the intensity of an Italian-American family on the verge of collapse. Passion, grief, and anger all constantly bubble up to the surface.

5. This has Broadway transfer written all over it. Following up the uber-successful The Humans and the A+ Significant Other, Roundabout is sitting on a goldmine with this new mass-appeal play. See it now before it's a (much more expensive) hot ticket on Broadway.

Runs through August 27.

Check out clips from the show from Roundabout Theatre Company's YouTube page.

Photos: Joan Marcus