Ding, ding, ding: we've got an A+ must-see here, folks!

Miles For Mary is a hilarious and special new Off-Broadway play that throws you back into the teacher's lounge of a public school for the '88-'89 school year as a committee of faculty members plan a fundraiser telethon. You'll experience nostalgic sense memory left and right during this show with a wierd windbreaker-wearing PE teacher named Sandra who loves to do "recon" on things, one of those transparency projectors your 7th grade science teacher used all the damn time, and best of all: a story that refreshingly involves zero references to the internet, the Kardashians, or our current President. Yet, Miles For Mary still somehow manages to be relevant and very "now". It helps that it's attracting an energetic crowd of young and hip audience members that are clamoring for a ticket in the 15-person deep standby line.

The play is full of characters that were SO odd to us when we were younger (the teacher who runs the AV club weirdly never has his belt buckle centered, for example), but now we...kinda have become them? Six incredible actors pull off this feat of magic and all of them are from The Mad Ones, the theater troupe that created the show. Trust, you are going to want to know a lot more about them after seeing it!

Director Lila Neugebauer, who knocked it out of the park with The Wolves, does it again. With Miles For Mary, Lila takes us on a blissfully wild rollercoaster ride that you definitely want to be on. Check out some highlights from the show in the video below and you'll be hooked.

There's theatrical electricity happening over at Playwrights Horizons. Go get in on the action...you won't regret it!

Miles For Mary runs through February 25.