Steven Dietz's subtly devastating Lonely Planet is about two friends during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Set in a “small map shop on the oldest street in an American city,” this play tells the often forgotten stories of how crippling the time was for the gay everyman in Everytown, USA. These are the ones who had to cope without being surrounded by a giant Metropolis of support. As an explosion of incredible acting unfolds in this production, the playwright reminds us that we’re all very lonely on this planet, indeed.

Photos: Carol Rosegg

Arnie Burton and Matt McGrath play the only two characters and are both such incredible actors that they warrant the price of admission alone. Watching them feels like a boxing match between two extraordinarily gifted actors, duking it out for the purse. Boy, can they BOTH deliver a line! These two are so precise with their skills that it borders on perfection. 

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Runs until November 18.