John Leguizamo's new one-man Broadway show Latin History For Morons is a little bit Drunk History and a lot awesome.

5 reasons you should see it:

1. John is a master at this. With several one-man Broadway shows under his belt, John knows exactly what he's doing. His world-class expertise shines in both his writing and in his performance. He's hilarious and poignant at the same time, and definitely offensive...but equal-opportunity offensive. No one is safe from his jabs!

2. The audience. This has gotta be the most vibrant audience on Broadway right now. Forget stuffy theatergoers in mink coats who lightly golf clap at the end of the show. This is an audience who isn't afraid to react, and loudly, when John gets everyone fired up about how their culture's history has been all but obliterated from American education. It's a really fun room to be in.

3. You learn a lot about the oppression of Latin history in American schools. Even if the show isn't full of tons of historical facts, the perspective you gain certainly explains John's "ancestral PTSD"!

Photos: Matthew Murphy

4. It's at Studio 54. This legendary and iconic space has been a Broadway theater for years, but it's still awesome to listen to the faint sounds in the room of disco dancing ghosts snorting cocaine off a go-go boy's chest like its still 1979.

5. Tickets aren't that expensive. Check out Goldstar for tickets as low as $55! The best part? Just like many one-man shows, this show will be just as enjoyable from the last row of the balcony as it is from orchestra center.

Latin History For Morons runs until February 25.