Playwright James Walsh's semi-autobiographical new play Jimmy and Carolyn is playing at the Queens Theatre in the Park this month. 

Five Reasons Why It's The Perfect Date Night

1. The theatre's in one of the prettiest parks in New York City! One of the most historic, too. And it's the perfect romantic destination, with lots of photo ops, like in front of the enormous silver globe fountain -- the one you always see when you're stuck in traffic on the LIE!

2. The play's a family comedy that will make your family -- and your potential in-laws! -- seem like cake by comparison. Laughing your ass off at someone else's crazy family will do wonders for any relationship. 

3. The neighborhood is a Mecca of cheap delicious eats that won't bust your wallet. Or better yet, surprise your date with a pre-show picnic in the park! It's September. Enjoy the weather while it lasts! 

4. Show off your true New Yorker self by seeing a great play before it becomes the next Hamilton

5. Ticket prices won't break your bank. With dinner and a few drinks, the whole evening won't cost you more than fifty bucks. So, surprise him or her with flowers!

Hear James tell you about Jimmy and Carolyn on Episode 3 of the YesBroadway Podcast: