In The Boom Boom Room

By Brian Cudina

If you've enjoyed a random movie at 3 a.m. that makes you say, “What the f*** did I just watch?!” then this is your play. In the Boom Boom Room is a David Rabe play from the 70’s. Translation: Lots of unlikeable people cursing, kissing, and threatening to kill, which is exactly the point.  

A young girl in Philadelphia wants to be a ballet dancer, and gets her start in go-go. She sleeps with some shady men, and the more you hate the character, the more you love the actor. One of the love interests is Al Royce (Kirk Gostkowski) who builds suspense without “going there.” It’s a gripping slow-burn that will make you churn in your seat. Think of this as the second cousin of a Tarantino film.

In the Boom Boom Room is certainly not for everyone, and this is why it’s so interesting. You get intense teases of sex, violence, and the backstories that are often shown in full to elicit a response. In a world of theater going all the way, it’s easy to forget that letting the audience do some thinking can be as stimulating as the go-go dancers.

Photos: Matt Wells