Banner Image: Jeremy Daniel

Hot Mess is the theater equivalent of a sitcom. It’s 65 minutes of the lightest theater fare ever, and that is meant as a compliment. Sometimes you just wanna kick back and enjoy an easy comedy that will definitely make you laugh!

The main idea: A dude comes out as bisexual to his girlfriend on their 6 month anniversary and the chaos that ensues is a riot. Because two standup comedians wrote it (loosely basing it on themselves), you can imagine the painfully real situations we find these characters in.

Stars Max Crumm and Lucy DeVito nail it. Max is especially likable. He won the 2007 reality show where the winner got to star in Grease on Broadway and is a dream come true on stage, solidifying his standing as one of those “I'd see him in anything!” actors. He's special. And, Lucy definitely got the funny genes from her parents and is hilarious. 

Meet Lucy and Max and hear more about the show in the video below.

Hot Mess is definitely a very pleasant and delightful night out at the theater.

Runs until December 17.