5 reasons to see Groundhog Day The Musical: 

1. If you’re a big fan of the original 1993 classic, fear not. There are plenty of adult jokes and middle fingers to capture the essence of the original film. If you’re new to theater, don’t worry; it’s not jazz hands and leotards.

2. Andy Karl as sarcastic weatherman Phil Connors perfectly embodies an asshole. We all love Bill Murray, but Karl’s smooth voice and comedic timing have you rooting for a singing jerk. The ensemble acknowledges he’s an ass, and it’s a committed performance that carries the show. There's a reason he's nominated for a Tony Award® for the role.

3. Tim Minchin. He’s the composer/lyricist and, boy, does he bring wit. Known for his comedy songs, he channels clever lyrical runs utilizing each syllable to make you laugh or feel for the characters. His music is energetic, but also finds the heart of a happy town, a tormented soul, and even a drunk driver.

4. Kids, the band is lit. Out of the four Tony Award® nominees for Best Musical, this is the only show with brass. The bass trombone blares epic low notes, and the whole unit effortlessly shifts from jazz to bluegrass to funk to rock to swing. There’s something for everyone.

5. Want to see new things done on stage? Matthew Warchus’ direction reflects the witty nature of the book and lyrics. They use props in a new and hilarious way, as well as using a few “magic tricks” to tell the story. No spoilers. Go see it for yourself. 

Runs through September 17.

Photos: Joan Marcus