Ngozi Anyanwu is awesome. This playwright is back with Good Grief at the Vineyard Theatre, her second Off-Broadway play this year after her excellent The Homecoming Queen this Spring at Atlantic Theater Company. For Good Grief, Ngozi decided to Lin-Manuel Miranda it up and star in her own show…and, you’ll be so glad she did. She’s just as terrific of an actress as she is a playwright.

Photos: Carol Rosegg

Good Grief tells the story of a young woman, who seems very similar to Ngozi herself, growing up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and experiencing the loss of a close friend. The fact that there are a LOT of very attractive people up on that stage is enough to keep you captivated for 90 minutes alone, but rest assured that Ngozi’s writing and acting, along with Awoye Timpo’s energetic direction, shine bright like a diamond in this play.

Special shoutout to former NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha, who plays the brother in several extremely sweet scenes that will make you wish you were his sister. The parents are played by Oberon K.A. Adjepong and Patrice Johnson Chevannes, both also making you yearn to be a part of their family.

Go see Good Grief and just TRY not to fall in love with Ngozi Anyanwu!

Runs through November 18.