This is not your momma’s Glass Menagerie! Incredibly good direction with modern and relevant performances by megastars make for an orgasmic evening at this production of what many consider to be THE play that defines the American theater.  

The staging is extremely provocative: The set is practically non-existent and the actors are in t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. This puts a strong focus on the acting, and somehow 1940’s dialogue sounds like it’s straight out of 2017 with the incredible work of megastars Joe Mantello, Finn Wittrock, and Sally Field (!). We also have our 2nd actress in a wheelchair on Broadway in the terrific Madison Ferris, who puts the fragility of Laura in a whole new perspective.

This Glass Menagerie challenges you to see the play in a whole new light, which is the very definition of exciting theater. Director Sam Gold bravely came in and took an outdated and dusty play and breathed fresh air into it…and you’ll be so glad he did.

Photos: Julieta Cervantes