Additional Reporting: Olivia Lusk, Photo: Ryan Jensen

Ghost Quartet is a concert-ish spectacle that is spooky, delightful, and full of ridiculously good music from The Great Comet composer Dave Malloy. Inaugurating New York Theatre Workshop's new Fourth Street Theater as they launch their new "Next Door" series, the show is a musical retelling of an Edgar Allen Poe short story. 

The Great Comet fans will recognize Brittain Ashford and Gelsey Bell, who played Sonya and Mary respectively on Broadway. Dave Malloy himself and Brent Arnold round out the quartet. Director Annie Tippe keeps the 95-minute tale moving at a quirky pace and keeps you creeped out just enough to respect the various ghosts from the story that seem to keep appearing, but also never quite making you feel scared of them.

The music is in Ghost Quartet is what you're here for, though. The show is, quite simply, chock full of really, really, really great tunes with Dave Malloy's signature all over them...and, we ain't complainin'. The man can write a song! This is definitely a show where you leave super excited to know that a cast recording already exists that you can devour for the next few weeks.

Check out Brittain singing a show from the show in the video below.

Although the show is very sold out, tickets pop up daily on the New York Theatre Workshop website. You can also try your luck at the standby line!

Runs until November 5.