The Public Theater's latest knockout is Fire in Dreamland, a new play by Rinne Groff that deals with many themes: loss, creativity, and dealing with the aftermath of a tragedy. It's funny, refreshing, and superbly directed by Marissa Wolf. 

Star Rebecca Naomi Jones is bigger than life in all the best ways. You loved her in Significant Other and As You Like It (BOTH of which were in YesBroadway's Top 10 Favorite Theater of 2017!), and now she's back in Fire in Dreamland and continues to be oh-so-obsessworthy! She has a 15-minute scene where she recaps a movie she imagines in her mind and, afterwards, you'll wish she would recap every movie ever.

The Fortress of Solitude's Kyle Beltran doesn't make a real appearance in the play until about 45 minutes into the 90-minute run time, but once he does: look out! His and Rebecca's chemistry is a sight to behold in a scene that will leave you wondering how they pulled it off. Kyle is an absolutely magical performer.

Photos: Joan Marcus

Meet cast members Rebecca Naomi Jones, Kyle Beltran, and Enver Gjokaj and hear more about the show in the video below.

Special shoutout to Susan Hilferty's excellent scenic design that somehow makes you feel like you're in an apartment and on the Coney Island boardwalk at the same time.

Fire in Dreamland runs through August 5.