Good writing? Check. Good acting? Check. Good direction? Check. Latinx-created theater is shining extra brightly these days Off-Broadway with Atlantic Theater's Tell Hector I Miss Him and now with Primary Stages' Fade. Playwright Tanya Saracho is a force to be reckoned with -- her dialogue is so good you just want to sop it up with a spoon. The play explores the nuanced relationship between a network television writer (an extremely impressive Annie Dow) and a janitor at the studio (an equally impressive Eddie Martinez) who becomes her only friend in LA. These powerhouse performances are skillfully directed and the show makes for a superb night at the theater. The icing on the cake? The theater in Greenwich Village is on the most adorable cul-de-sac in NYC. Tickets via the link below. Runs until March 5.

Photo:  James Leynse

Photo: James Leynse