If you have ever seen her perform, you will have no doubt that Cynthia Erivo nails it times one billion with her 2016 Kennedy Center Honors performance, which aired this week on CBS. The The Color Purple megastar's haunting rendition of "The Impossible Dream" from Man of La Mancha not only gets Aretha and FLOTUS singing along with her, but the President himself looks like he's about to burst into tears when he first hears that stunningly beautiful voice. 

Erivo has grabbed 2016 by the you-know-whats and inspired millions of people. She won the single Tony that Hamilton couldn't take at this year's Tony Awards with her life-changing performance in The Color Purple, runs actual marathons in the middle of five-show weekends, and constantly engages with her fans on social media about doing what's right and good. In a world that is getting more challenging to live in by the day, we need more leaders like Cynthia Erivo to look up to.

Watch the performance via her Facebook page here and you'll see why this awesome human being made it TWICE onto our Top 10 Theater Experiences of 2016 List, or as we like to call it: "Multiple Reasons Why Cynthia Erivo Made You Believe It In 2016".