The acting in Divine Horsemen is so good you cannot believe that these gritty characters aren’t real people. These are some of your favorite actors from Dexter and Oz and watching them work live on stage is like watching a true masterclass in acting. 

Triple threat Paul Calderon (he wrote it, directed it, and stars in it!) plays an aging guy from Spanish Harlem who is struggling to find new ways to get by. He involves his two friends from the Caballeros Divinos social club in an epic heist and things go south very quickly.

Photos: David Zayas Jr.

The raw dialogue, politically incorrect playwriting, and characters overflowing with machismo are somehow refreshing in this play, which hasn’t been on stage since 1995 when much of this same cast performed it with Phillip Seymour Hoffman as part of LAByrinth Theater Company’s inaugural season.

If you like badass characters and situations à la Breaking Bad or The Sopranos, then you’ll LOVE Divine Horsemen. Oh, and the best part? Tickets are only $25 and the theater is super intimate, so there's not a bad seat in the house.

Runs through January 27.