MCC Theater’s Collective Rage is a party that you definitely want to be invited to. Prepare to sit in the Lucille Lortel Theatre downtown with a giant grin on your face for 90 minutes.

5 reasons you gotta see this show:

1. #dreamcasting! Every single one of the 5 cast members is better than the next…and, as a whole, they are conjuring some theatrical electricity up on that stage. Lea DeLaria, Dana Delany, Ana Villafañe, Chaunté Wayans, and Adina Verson are totally #squadgoals AF.

2. The writing. It’s brilliant, yet deliciously accessible. It’s ripe with sexual tension. It’s fresh AF. And, the best part? It’s hilarious. So hilarious, in fact, that the cast of experienced actresses is having a hard time keeping it together onstage. There’s an old adage in entertainment that comedy is harder to pull off than drama and this triumph of a show is the perfect illustration of it. The world is now going to be salivating for so much more from playwright Jen Silverman.

3. Chaunté. Wayans. Omg, it’s really hard to not have a crush on this breakout theater star. Yes, she’s a Wayans of THE Wayans (what’s going on in that family’s genes?!?), but she might just be your favorite one yet. One of the other characters describes Chaunté’s character with the line “I feel better when she’s around…” and you’ll feel the same way about Chaunté. Casting directors: cast her in everything from here on out, please and thank you!

Photos: Joan Marcus

4. The use of the space. The Lucille Lortel Theatre has decidedly old-school vibes. It’s a throwback to the gritty Off-Broadway glory days of the 70s and 80s, but Collective Rage set designer Dane Laffrey has transformed this space to where it is almost unrecognizable, just like he did for Broadway’s Once On This Island. He made it hip and sleek and feel ahead of it’s time, even in 2018. It’s really, really, really cool in there.

5. Adina Verson. Ok, how does she pull this off? She achieves that rare combination of breaking your heart while making you laugh hysterically at the same time…and she does it with so much zest that you can’t imagine she won’t be EXTREMELY famous one day soon. She’s starred in some really awesome stuff so far: Indecent on Broadway, The Lucky Ones, and also has some very cool tv credits like Mozart in the Jungle. Let’s put it this way: Adina’s interior designer needs to make a mantle with tons of space for awards on it.

Collective Rage runs through October 7.