Photo: Russ Rowland

5 Reasons You Should See Camp Wanatchi: In Concert

1. This Wes Anderson-y new musical about a teenage girl's first lesbian experience at Christian (!) summer camp is VERY cute. Groovy electro-pop tunes zip and zap during the show making you want to stand up and do an adorable little dance every time a new song starts.

2. Remy Zaken. As a "Freak for Jesus", she can deliver a line only the way some of the greats can. Remy is a young Bea Arthur waiting to happen!

3. It's in a really cool space. The Green Room 42 @ Yotel is cozy and spacious.

4. It's very female-centric. This is a show with almost all female actresses and band members, plus a female director and writers. #topplethepatriarchy

5. It's a concert version, which means it's great even for people who don't like musicals. This isn't corny numbers and jazz hands, this is like a really good concept album being performed live.

Runs through August 1.