5 reasons you should see Building the Wall

by Tom Coppola

There's a new play coming to NYC. You don't need a visa to see Building The Wall, but you SHOULD plan to get your ticket now to this compelling and über relevant play. Here's 5 reasons why:

1. Given its title--which refers exactly to what it sounds like--it’s extremely timely during this questionable time in our nation’s history. ‘Nuf said.

2. It stars Tamara Tunie (you may know her from a little TV show called Law & Order: SVU) and James Badge Dale (you’ve seen him in TV’s The Pacific and 24)—which means the acting will be off the charts.

3. It was written by Robert Schenkkan. He’s the Tony and Pulitzer-winning playwright of All The Way—the play about LBJ starring Bryan Cranston, which was also turned into an HBO movie--and Oscar nominated for Hacksaw Ridge. So, he has serious cred when it comes to writing about American history and politics.

4. Overlapping productions are being performed in in cities across the US. It’s not just a play--it's a movement!

5. Only 90 minutes long, you'll be home in time for Colbert. Or Fallon. Take your pick.

Photo: Carol Rosegg