Brooklyn's The Bushwick Starr is a breeding ground for extraordinarily good theater. Both Porto and Miles For Mary (which were both an A+!) got their start there and are now both enjoying successful Off-Broadway runs. Now, they've got The Brobot Johnson Experience. This weird and whimsical new solo play, written by and starring Darian Dauchan, is theater-as-party...ending with an actual dance party on the stage!

The main idea: Brobot Johnson is time traveling from Planet Nubian and has come to save Earth from wack-ness, and instead spread dopeness. It makes sense the the whole thing is called an "experience" because it's a full-sensory situation. Our Brobot hero has brought with him food from the future (2118!) for us to try, some incredible rap and beatbox skillz, and best of all: a delightful message for how we can save ourselves from our current planetary social crisis.

Photos: Maria Baranova

Production values are high: there's awesome set and lighting design, retro Star Trek-ish costumes, and impressive technology is well-incorporated into the piece. 

Throw your hands in the ay-er and let Darian give you The Brobot Johnson Experience!

Runs through March 17.