By Annie Schiffmann

On June 11th at Radio City Music Hall (home of the Rockettes) Kevin Spacey will be hosting the Tony Awards. And on June 10th at the Triad Theatre (home of Spamilton) the cast of Broadway’s Next Hit Musical will be hosting the Phony Awards. Odds are good that you can get into at least one of these shows.

The Lonely Cannibal

I’ve been involved in this cult favorite for a few years, and there are number of questions that skeptical audience members often ask.

  • How much of it is actually improvised? Everything except for the emcee’s stand up bit in the beginning.
  • Are there stock melodies that get used every night? No.
  • Are there set stories or locations that get recycled? Also no.
  • What about all of those rhymes? Rhyming is a skill that improves. The cast has practiced this quite a bit.
  • How does the piano player know where the actors are going to go music-wise? He doesn’t. But he can guess because he is very musical and the actors are very musical and music has patterns.
  • How do the actors know where the piano player is going to go music-wise? See above.

Make Up Your Song

Unless you’re Andrew Lloyd Weber or Stephen Sondheim you probably won’t have a song that you made up sung onstage at the Tony Awards. But, you just might at the Phony Awards.

Runs through 06/10