Photos: Cheri Root

by Brookelynn Mason

BroadwayCon is one of the biggest theater fan events of the year. This January, theater lovers from all over the globe will participate in a 3-day event full of singalongs, workshops, and panels. Don’t be Thomas Jefferson, lamenting about what you missed!

5 reasons you need to get your tickets to BroadwayCon 2019:

1. RENTheads: Where are we now? Ok fine, the first reason is because we’ll be there! RENThead Sam from YesBroadway will be moderating this panel that includes original cast member Anthony Rapp and Tony winner and OG RENThead Nikki M. James. Before there was Hamilton, there was RENT. 1996 saw teens and young adults sleeping outside of the Nederlander Theatre with hopes for rush tickets. Wanna explore how that (and social media) has influenced the way young people experience theater and explore how rushes and lotteries have changed - and will continue to change - the landscape of Broadway? Then, we’ll see you Saturday morning.

“RENTheads: Where Are We Now?” will take place on Saturday January 12 at 10am in the Trianon Ballroom.


2. The Legacy of Michael Friedman. The world of musical theater let out a collective cry upon losing Michael in 2017. But! It’s not too late to be introduced to his incredible works via this panel. This deep dive into Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, The Fortress of Solitude (which might be in Sam’s Top 5 EVER?), the theater company that he co-founded The Civilians, and other aspects of Michael’s legacy will be a chance to explore and celebrate his contributions to the musical theater community. Join YesBroadway’s Sam as he moderates this panel that includes theater historian Jennifer Ashley Tepper, Fortress of Solitude and Be More Chill star Britton Smith, and The Civilians co-founder Steve Cosson!

“The Legacy of Michael Friedman” will take place on Friday January 11 at 4:15pm in the Beekman Room.

3. Broadway Makers: How to Turn Your Passion Into Your Business. Even fans can make it in showbiz. Talented artist? Make some fan art! Good at tech and sound? Host a podcast! There are a myriad of ways you can make it on Broadway besides performance. So, if you’re interested in learning how to turn a love for theater into dolla dolla bills, ya’ll, this panel is the spot for you! Laura Heywood aka @BroadwayGirlNYC of YesBroadway’s 40 Under 40 Class of 2017, moderates this panel that includes Hamilcast creator and host Gillian Pensavalle, who is a member of the YesBroadway 40 Under 40 Class of 2018!

“Broadway Makers” will take place Saturday January 12 at 3:15pm in the Gramercy West Room.


4. BroadwayCon: Star to Be. Performers from all corners and walks of life submitted videos for the chance to compete on the main stage of BroadwayCon in front of industry professionals, and ten were chosen as finalists. What’s cooler than an hour full of the most talented amateur artists performing your Broadway faves? Star to be, indeed!

“BroadwayCon: Star To Be 2019” will take place on Saturday January 12 at 1:45pm in the Ziegfeld Ballroom.


5. “A Light in the Dark” - Supporting Mental Health in the Theater Industry. Performing eight shows a week is not just hard on the body, but also the mind. In a society that carries a lot of stigma surrounding mental health, getting some insight into managing one’s well-being while working in the business is never a bad idea, so this panel is so relevant and important.

“A Light In The Dark” will take place on Saturday January 12 at 10am in the Gramercy West Room.

BroadwayCon 2019 is January 11-13.